New Year, New You


2017 is quickly approaching, 11 days to be exact. Many look at the new year as a fresh start, a new beginning, a way to put the past in the past and a time to start a “new you”. For some, its losing those extra pounds, its starting a new job, its dropping the negativity and only focusing on the positive, its picking a new hobby or even making and/or scratching things off a bucket list. Every one starts out with good intentions, with the idea that THIS will be the year, the year they will follow through with these resolutions, only to commit to it for a few weeks or even a few months.  Are you one of those people? Do you find yourself falling off after a few weeks or months? Well you aren’t alone, studies show that only about 45% of people stick to their resolutions past 6 months. If you fall in to that 55% who can’t seem to find a way to stick to your resolution but want to, here are some helpful tips.

  • Don’t think of it as a resolution, it’s a lifestyle change. A resolution is a temporary mindset, something short term and a lifestyle change is a permanent mindset, more long term.
  • Set realistic goals. For example; wanting to lose 50 pounds over the course of the year is realistic, but to expect those results over night or within a few weeks or months is unrealistic, which can cause frustration and decreased motivation if you don’t see results immediately. Setting small goals along the way, to reach your final goal, will help keep you motivated. So, if you set an overall goal for 50 pounds, set monthly goals of 5-10 pounds, so you won’t get discouraged. When you hit those small goals, REWARD yourself for all your hard work and dedication.
  • Make it fun! It is easy to lose focus or motivation after a while if you keep doing the same thing. Want to lose weight? Sign up for a class pass or buy classes off Groupon to explore different ways to exercise. Want a career change? Look for careers in areas that interest you or you are passionate about. Whatever it is, switch it up, make it fun, enjoy new things.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have some setbacks. Not everything will go as planned every day of the year; you’ll miss some work outs, might fluctuate a few pounds with your weight, might not get the new job you were hoping for right away, might fall back into old habits for a few days or lose motivation but guess what, that’s OK! It’s ok to have set backs and lose motivation, in fact it is normal, just make sure its temporary. Remember bumps in the road and detours are a normal occurrence on the road to lifestyle change. Just remember those goals you set for yourself and find that inner motivation to accomplish them.
  • Remember, YOU GOT THIS! You are your biggest cheerleader! Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. This is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy the ride!


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  • Kirby and Debi Cox says:

    Remember, to believe in yourself is the first step to any accomplishment or goal! A positive attitude (which is impossible to have at all times) is a huge benefit towards taking and continuing the plan you have set. My name is Kirby. I was very fortunate to have had the privilege of being a patient of Hedi. She has my permission to share my story. I hope that if she does it will help anyone who has a goal or a life change. Remember you will have bad days and that’s okay just get back to it.

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