Success Story #2

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success story

“Rebecca Jasper is a wonderful person and counselor. Since I was 11 years old when I started seeing her, she has helped me come a long way. My grandma found Rebecca and took me to meet her for a session. Now I’m 23 and I’m doing so much better with my Asperger’s, it seems that it’s almost not there. Rebecca is a caring, friendly and funny person and I’m so glad she’s been in my life. I’d probably be in a bad place (mentally and/or physically) if it wasn’t for her and our sessions. Besides seeing her with emotional issues, there’s been a few times when she’s been able to help me with homework. And she has really helped me out :). I’m just so glad that besides my boyfriend, there’s someone I can talk to when I need someone. The Balancing Change Mindfully team and Rebecca Jasper are just so amazing and I wish to continue knowing them and seeing Rebecca as long as possible. “

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